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High Shoals Half





General Course Description


Wow, this isn't that bad!  Holy crap this is steep!  Wow, look at those views! Pretty creek! I might die on these stairs! Oh my gosh, those stairs were so worth it, this waterfall is amazing! And down we go again! And up again!  This trail is so perfect, I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere!  Another $#%^ing hill!  What a view!  This dowhill is amazing, just wish my quads didn't hurt so bad! Man that was cold! UP AGAIN!!!!!  Oh man my quads are hurting! FINISH!!! Wow, one of the best courses I've ever run!  Sign me up again!!!


Above is what you will probably be thinking during your race!  This course has it all.  From wide and smooth double track trails, to tight and technical singletrack trails.  Grades from easy and gentle to holy crap this is steep!  Views abound along the route and High Shoals Falls is one the best waterfalls in NC! Oh and there are creek crossings!!!  This course is tough, but rewarding.  Please be prepared! 


The Numbers


Distance: 13.3 Miles

Elevation Gain: ~ 3,000 feet

Time Limit: 4 hours

Miles of Doule Track Trail: ~ 7.6 miles

Miles of Single Track Trail: ~ 5.2 miles

Miles of Pavement: ~ 0.5 miles

Number of Stairs: ~ 250!!!

Number of Creek Crossings: 3 joyous splashes!!!


Aid Stations: Locations & Cutoffs


There will be 2 aid stations along the course with one being water only!  The backcountry aid station requires a 5 mile hike in by our volunteers!  Aid stations are spread approximately 4-5 miles apart.  Full aid stations (only 1 along course) will have at a minimum: Water, Gatorade (flavor varies by station,) and assorted soft drinks. Foods include: bananas, potato chips, pretzels, animal cookies, M&Ms, gummi bears, Goldfish, trail mix, PB&J.  NOTE: We're are a green race so everyone needs to bring a water bottle (or two or bladder) for fluids. There will be no cups provided!


Aid 1: 4.1 miles - Full Aid - 10:15 am cutoff

Aid 2: 8.7 miles - water only - No cutoff







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